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Strategic Consulting

Opportunities and risks
Our strategic advice is given by industry sector:


Our strategic advice covers Australia, as well as New Zealand and many Asian countries, plus Europe, North America and the Middle East in selected industries.

For further information please contact BIS Oxford Economics on +61(2) 8458 4200 or email

Is your business over weight or underweight in key markets? Can new revenue opportunities be identified upstream? How much import competition will your business face? 

We specialise in providing strategically important intelligence and analysis on your industry and your markets, both within Australia and globally. 

BIS Oxford Economics' reports and services assist clients with a wide range of strategic management processes, including: 

  • Long term planning 
  • Budgeting and sales forecasting 
  • Capital investment decisions
  • Competitive positioning  
  • Marketing strategy formulation 
  • Product development and market entry strategies 
  • Communications to market and stakeholders 
  • Market analysis 
  • Financial feasibility studies 
  • Due diligence 

In future acquisitions or major capital expenditure decisions, BIS Oxford Economics can help with due diligence and market assessment. 

Use our advisory service to paint a picture of your market when applying to the bank for finance, or negotiating with a Joint Venture partner. 

Risk management of your business, and compliance, are also areas where we play a role. 

We can also help with market entry research and market segmentation decisions, or decisions to purchase a major asset. 

We assist clients reset their internal revenue model every few years, as a reality check, especially after a periods of structural change in their industry. 

Our clients include companies, government agencies, non-profit organisations, and other enterprises.


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