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Building Forecasting

Analysis and forecasts of your industry and your markets. Giving you strategically important information to guide decisions.
About Regional Building

Analyses trends and forecasts prospects in demand and supply for residential and non-residential building in regional areas. The service is available for all states and regions across Australia. The forecast horizon is two years and will be split between non-residential, houses and other dwellings.

This service provides a report each six months, produced on a June/December cycle each year. A quarterly option is available.

Regional Building 2017 – 2019

Report Published: December 2017

Price on application

Contact: Maree Kilroy

+61 2 8458 4283


Where is the fastest local growth forecast to occur? How will structural change in Australia’s economy affect the location of future building? How will regional factors affect your business?

The Regional Building service will analyse trends and prospects in demand and supply for residential and non-residential building in regional areas.

The service is available for New South Wales/ACT, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania. When subscribers receive the service for more than one state, the rate per state falls.

The analysis and forecasts will be useful for a variety of purposes, including resource planning, budgeting, marketing and performance analysis.

Regional analysis forecasts will be based on BIS Oxford Economics' established methodology for forecasting residential markets. Underlying demand for new dwellings will be based on population growth and demographic trends

Forecasts will be made for all ABS statistical divisions within the relevant state – we will comment on recent trends at a more detailed level, to identify growth patterns in specific regional centres.

Demand will be compared with recent trends in residential construction, to provide estimates of supply- demand balances, and contribute to forecasts of dwelling construction, which will be split between houses and other dwellings.

Analysis of project listings and commercial cycles will provide insights of relevance for non-residential property outlooks at the regional level.

The forecast horizon will be 2 years, on a quarter-by- quarter basis.

This service will provide a report each six months, with the subscription covering two editions of the forecasts. We will produce the report on a August and December cycle. Subscriptions may commence with either the August or December report.

BIS Oxford Economics has launched a new website. To access the latest Regional Building update please login to via the ‘My Oxford’ link in the top menu bar on the BIS Oxford Economics homepage. Then click through the Buildings tab under the Construction in Australia section. This will take you to your activity building report subscription page, where the tab for Regional Building contains all associated material.