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Infrastructure and Mining

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Mining in Australia 2018 – 2032

Report Published: May 2018

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Contact: Kellie Osta

+61 2 8458 4287

The supply /demand fundamentals that governed the earlier period of commodity investment “boom” are undergoing a radical transition. Although commodity prices have recovered, the fundamentals for each commodity are very different. The key challenges for contractors and suppliers to the mining industry is to understand these differences, identify which commodities and regions are best placed for recovery and be prepared for opportunities as they emerge through the next stage of the commodity cycle.

Key issues that we’ve covered:

  • What is the outlook for commodity prices based on supply demand fundamentals – and what does this mean for future mining investment cycles in Australia? Which projects may proceed if prices improve?
  • Is mining investment continuing to decline in Australia? What are the growth prospects for investment over the next few years?
  • What does the mining investment profile look like outside of LNG / oil and gas (which tends to dominate the overall picture)?
  • What are the implications of the investment profile for local construction work (as opposed to simply boosting imports or fabricating overseas)?
  • How fast is mining production growing in the wake of the investment boom (and bust)? Which commodities and regions will see strongest growth in production over the next few years?
  • How are miners procuring work (i.e. owner-operator of mines or looking to contract out operations?) and how might this change over the next few years?
  • Are miners boosting their maintenance budgets? If not, when and by how much?

Mining in Australia is the only source of consistent market information and forecasts for mineral commodity markets and activities undertaken at each stage of the mine life cycle (from exploration, to investment/construction, to mining operations/contract mining and asset maintenance).

Commodities include: oil and gas, coal, iron ore, copper, gold, silver-lead-zinc, mineral sands, other metal ores (nickel, uranium and bauxite), and other mining (construction materials quarrying, diamonds and salt).

For more timely and accessible info for our subscribers, we’re implementing these improvements:

  • Providing a more useful Slide Deck with charts and explanatory text (rather than the text-heavy report), along with all data and forecasts (by commodity) in Excel
  • Quarterly Updates of the Slide Deck and Excel datasets as new data/forecasts become available – for commodity prices, exploration, investment and production by commodity (maintenance forecasts provided annually following primary survey)


1. Global Commodity Market Overview
We cover the state of play and outlook for world economic growth by region and implications for commodities demand, along with developments in supply. Historical data and forecasts for commodity prices - in $US and $A. 

2. Mining Exploration in Australia
Historical data and forecasts for mining, oil and gas exploration, by mineral and state, along with a written rationale of the key drivers and the outlook.

3. Mining Investment/Construction in Australia
Historical data and thoroughly researched ‘bottom up’ forecasts for fixed capital investment by mineral commodity, split into buildings and structures v plant and equipment, based on our extensive major project lists and macroeconomic outlook. Supplemented with individual commodity commentaries and detailed Mining Major Project Lists (refer below for detail).

4. & 5. Mining Operations and Contracting in Australia
Data and forecasts by commodity for mining activities undertaken by both contractors and owner operators, including total production volumes by state, and the value of contract mining, by mineral commodity. Unique analysis servicing the contract mining industry in Australia.

6. Mining Maintenance in Australia
Data, forecasts and commentary on maintenance activities in the mining sector, by mineral commodity, by who performs the work (in-house v contractor splits), by type of contract and activity. We will be utilising results from our 'Deep Dive' interview survey with mining companies (GM's, Middle Managers, Superintendents) on their Mining Contract Maintenance requirements across iron ore, coal and oil and gas. The research aimed to better understand the outlook for maintenance spend,  breakdown by type of asset, type of maintenance activity, when major contracts are likely to be coming up, how maintenance contracts are being engaged/bundled and what panels to be on - to be more likely to win future work.


Detailed Industry Databases and Thoroughly Researched Forecasts
Comprehensive historical data and annual forecasts for the next five years (to 2022) followed by two five-year averages (to 2032) covering mining-related activity, broken down by:

  • Type of activity:
      - investment (including construction, plant and equipment, and exploration)
      - mining operations (including production and value of contract mining)
      - maintenance (including owner and contractor splits)
  • Mineral commodity
  • In-house/owner-operator versus contract work

These forecasts derive from our long established and respected forecasting methodologies.

Slide Deck
Charts and explanatory text, sequenced by activity (above), provides commentary on market developments and outlook with discussion of the major influences on levels of activity, in each activity category and mineral sector.

Mining Major Project Lists
Mining projects over $100m by sponsor, mine type, status, capacity, expected commencement, project size, and EC work - year by year for the next 5 years.

Quarterly Updates of Slide Deck and Excel Datasets as new data/forecasts become available for commodity prices, mining investment (construction) and production forecasts.

Organisations can choose to subscribe either:

  • Full Online Service with access to all above elements. OR
  • Option of Single Issue using latest data/forecasts and sent via email.
  • Specific Activity – global commodity market overview; exploration and investment; operations and contract mining; maintenance OR
  • Individual Commodity Market Outlooks as per below, which provide a full range of information from all volumes for that commodity.

As an alternative to the full online service, individual self-contained Commodity Market Outlooks include data and forecasts for global demand, supply, and prices, and the outlook in Australia for exploration, investment, production and maintenance for that commodity as well as supporting information and project lists. Individual outlooks are available for iron ore, coal, oil and gas.

Please download the Mining in Australia 2018 brochure on this page for more details. Contact us for various pricing options.

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