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BIS Oxford Economics compiles detailed research and forecasts for the Australian economy. Over the last 50+ years BIS Oxford Economics has earned an outstanding reputation for picking the major shifts and turning points in the economy.

Long Term Forecasts

Report Published: February 2018

Price on application


As part of our Australia Macro Serivce, our Long Term Forecasts report provides clients with in-depth analysis of the fundamental drivers of Australia’s economy for the next 15 years. Underlying structural adjustments in the economy will be highlighted, as well as cyclical influences and key drivers.

A subscription includes: 

  • Two written reports a year, that outline key structural features in Australia’s economy, their impact on the outlook, and how our forecasts have evolved over time. The report covers:
    > Outlook for the global economy, the Australian dollar and Australia’s external trade
    > Population, the labour market and inflation
    > Household income and consumer demand
    > Investment
    > Fiscal and monetary policy
    > Key financial indicators
    > Industry prospects
  • Access to our team of economists to discuss the outlook
  • Online access to our website to download the report and draw historical data from our fully interactive databank.

BIS Oxford Economics has launched a new website. To access the range of Economic Outlook Reports, please login to via the ‘My Oxford’ link in the top menu bar on the BIS Oxford Economics homepage. Then click through to the Australian Macro Service. This will take you to the Full range of Reports, Chartbook and Databank. For any queries or assistance regarding the new website and access to your service, please contact us on 02 8458 4200 or email