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Residential Property

BIS Oxford Economics forecasts house prices by Australian capital city and dwelling commencements by state. BIS Oxford Economics has extensive expertise in forecasting the housing market for investors and owner-occupiers, along with having a thorough understanding of demographic trends.

Emerging Trends in Residential Market Demand

Report Published: March 2018

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Contact: Angie Zigomanis

+61 3 8679 7304

The once highly predictable residential market has undergone significant changes, particularly over the last 20 years. Residential demand has become increasingly fragmented and the previous “one size fits all” policy adopted by stakeholders in the residential market has become outdated.

BIS Oxford Economics Emerging Trends in Residential Market Demand uses Census data from 1991 through to the latest 2016 Census results to quantify the demographic trends that are taking place among the different purchaser segments of the residential market, and the consequent impact they are having on the demand for different types of dwellings.

Questions answered by this report include:

  • Which age groups will experience the greatest rate of household growth?
  •  Are younger households continuing to delay having children?
  • Are households renting for longer? Are households increasingly opting for townhouses or apartments when they eventually buy or do they purchase houses?
  • Do children remain in the family home for longer? Are 50+year old households still paying off their mortgage at a later age as a result?
  • Are Retirees increasingly downsizing to smaller dwellings?
  • How do the above trends differ across the cities?

Key demographic trends are provided across four main age cohorts:

  • 20–34 year olds — Millennials
  • 35–49 year olds — Generation X
  • 50–64 year olds — Baby Boomers
  • 65+ year olds — Retirees

Further breakdowns are often provided within these groups by five year age cohort. Separate data is included for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

The report combines the demographic and market trends over the past twenty-five years, presenting the implications for the residential market, and quantifying expected future demand for different dwelling types across the capital cities. The information will highlight the segments of the market offering the greatest growth potential over the next decade and is an essential resource for forward-looking businesses to be on top of the upcoming residential market trends.

Subscribers can order an individual capital city, purchase a package of selected capital cities, or purchase the full five city report.