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Building Forecasting

Analysis and forecasts of your industry and your markets. Giving you strategically important information to guide decisions.
About Building and Construction in Asia

Surveys of 12 Asian regions – China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam – giving reliable forecasts for residential, non-residential and engineering construction with a detailed report, plus access to our enquiry ‘hotline’. Report service. Quarterly.

Building and Construction in India 2017 – 2021

Report Published: October 2017

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Contact: Adeline Wong

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Building and Construction in India consists of an annual country report, plus three quarterly updates, and a ‘hotline’ consultancy which allows subscribers to access the consultants involved in the service. Each edition is completely revised and rewritten. New information is incorporated on industry trends, short-term changes in government policies, demographic factors and economic indicators. 

The contents of each report comprise the following: 

  • economic and political summary 
  • detailed analysis and statistics of the main construction sectors: residential, non-residential and engineering 
  • commentary on the country’s building and construction industry, including information on building materials trends, key local manufacturers, public and private expenditure, and major projects 
  • forecasts five years ahead for the main economic and building indicators. 

The main objective of this service is to provide accurate and comprehensive analysis and forecasts of the building industry in each country. The information is designed to provide senior executives with an overall ‘feel’ for the prospects of the construction industry. It can be used as a forecasting source by corporate planners and managers, as well as to assist investors in assessing and identifying potential business opportunities in the industry.
The focus of the report is on the 5 year outlook. We cover the entire construction sector, both building and engineering. 


The methodology used to develop each report involves gathering of information and data through a number of sources including institutions such as banks, government statistical departments, policy authorities, development agencies and private consultancies.
A number of face-to-face interviews with key people in the industry are undertaken in the country under study, persons with a thorough knowledge of and specific information on the building and construction sector in each country. 

BIS Oxford Economics' continuous information service Building and Construction in Asia has a strong reputation in the market, built up over 20 years. It is intended to provide a comprehensive analysis of the building industry in each of the countries that helps clients with business decisions.