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Market Research Privacy Policy

BIS Oxford Economics is a member of the Association of Market Research Organisations (AMRO), the national industry body of market and social research organisations. Through this body our company has chosen to be bound by the Market and Social Research Privacy Principles (M&SRPPs) which were approved by the Federal Privacy Commissioner in September 2003 to replace the National Privacy Principles (NPPs). This approval indicates that the Privacy Commissioner is satisfied that the Market and Social Research Privacy Principles included in this Code are at least the overall equivalent of all of the obligations set out in the National Privacy Principles in the We also abide by the principles and code of professional behaviour of the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS).

Information regarding AMRO can be found on their website and the website for the AMSRS is

Our company uses information collected solely for research purposes, to investigate the behaviour, needs, attitudes, opinions, motivations or other characteristics of individuals, companies or other organisations. We do this in order to provide information to our clients; government, commercial and not-for-profit organisations, which will assist them in making decisions about their products and services.

The information we gather is usually collected from individuals; for example, by a telephone, face-to-face, email or on-line survey, other form of interview, from a discussion group or from desk research. In some instances we undertake research of our clients' customers and in these cases our client may provide us with a list of their customers to invite to participate in a research project. Their participation is entirely voluntary.

Where BIS Oxford Economics retains information such as contact details, demographic information and other data that has been supplied by individuals, this data is not connected with any one individual as the data we keep is aggregated with information from other participants in our research project. Any information collected is de-identified as soon as the project is completed. We only use contact details to verify data, to send a summary report of our findings to participants in our research, or to conduct further research.

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