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Our market research services are provided by sector and product, including:

For further information please contact BIS Oxford Economics on +61(2) 8458 4200 or email

Our key market research contacts are:

Paul Giles 
Senior Manager Market Research Unit
02 8458 4217

Ish Kaur
Research Analyst
02 8458 4215

BIS Oxford Economics has been delivering critical market intelligence to clients since 1964. We combine over 50+ years of experience in designing customised research and large syndicated studies with an expertise in forecasting across numerous industry sectors.
The recent merger with Oxford Economics has further expanded our global reach and research capabilities.
Our bespoke market research clients range from mulit-national corporations to SMEs. We work closely with all our clients to deliver actionable insights, empowering them with critical market information.
Highlights of our bespoke market research capabilities:
  • We regularly conduct nation-wide consumer surveys of up to 15,000 households
  • We investigate issues such as product purchase drivers, extent of pre-purchase research, purchase journey, brand drivers, product performance and perceptions and place of purchase
  • We interview industry experts including senior executives, tradesmen, builders and other appropriate professional to obtain alternative perspectives and valuable insights about products and industries
  • We study emerging and under-researched markets, piecing together critical information that provides clients with a deeper understanding of their market and assists them in developing winning strategies
  • We implement the most relevant research methodologies and cutting edge analytics to identify the critical gap between consumer expectation and product delivery, enabling astute decision-making, improved stakeholder engagement and facilitating short and long term planning.

Our recent bespoke client work includes:

  • Investigation of a key material in new residential buildings across greenfield suburbs using satellite imaging
  • Estimating market size, preferred product segments, key industry trends and the impact of imported products on the Australian market, across a major building product
  • Identifying a clients most likely future revenue streams based on alaysis of current sales channels and industry performance across those channels
  • Detailed customer satisfaction survey to optimise existing products and potentially expand the future product and service offerings


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