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The following are common questions directed to BIS Oxford Economics. If you have a specific question you need answered, please contact us here.

Q: How do I find out more information about a report or subscription?

A: The quickest way is to view the relevant section on this site. Click at ‘BY INDUSTRY’ on the home page and follow the links. You can contact the project manager directly - a brochure, extract and contents can be sent to you upon request.

Q: Where do I find the cost of a subscription or report?

A: Prices are listed on this website for our ‘regular’ subscription and report services. Look for the drop down price box next to each report. Prices are also given in the brochures and order forms on the site.

Q: How do I know the cost of a commissioned research project?

A: For commissioned research projects, the first step is to contact the manager directly. The contact name, and e-mail link, for the senior staff are shown on each of our business unit pages.

Q: How do I order a subscription or report?

A: To order a report, simply click on the 'add to cart' link on the report's web page. To complete the order proceed to the 'checkout', where you can alter your order if you wish before it is completed. Alternatively, directly e-mail the contact person for that report to obtain more details.

Q: Is my credit card information safe?

A: Yes. We use secure encrypted methods to transmit your credit card information. Additionally, we do not store your credit card details at all.

Q: What information do you provide for free?

A: We unfortunately cannot give away free information, reports or parts thereof to anyone, including students.

Q: Do you supply your reports in electronic format?

A: Yes, we provide reports in PDF and attach data files to this website and our reports which can be downloaded by subscribers. Please contact the relevant staff contact person if you have any questions about accessing our database.

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