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Our client projects are provided by industry sector:


Our client projects cover Australia, New Zealand and many Asian countries, plus Europe, North America and the Middle East in selected industries.

For further information please contact BIS Oxford Economics on +61(2) 8458 4200 or email

Commissioned Research

As well as producing the range of multi-client industry studies listed on this website, we also regularly undertake commissioned research projects for individual clients.

BIS Oxford Economics' commissioned research projects harness our extensive industry expertise and research methodologies to provide tailored, value-added research solutions. These address clients' specific business issues.

We provide a wide range of customised research, qualitative and quantitative, to our clients on an exclusive basis, including:

  • excel spreadsheet modelling of your market
  • demand forecasting models for your product
  • economic evaluations and submissions
  • market risk assessment
  • financial feasibility assumptions
  • preparation of prospectus materials
  • gathering market data and segmentation information
  • new product development research
  • measuring customer satisfaction and reputation
  • strategic planning scenarios
  • private briefings and workshops

Excel spreadsheet models ensure consistency in your planning assumptions. The output from commissioned research will aid your short term budgeting and long term planning. We include discussion of findings and implications for your business.

If you are considering undertaking commissioned research, please contact one of our senior staff.

Tailored Modelling

BIS Oxford Economics undertakes specialised quantitative modelling work to assist clients to make major decisions, such as entering a new market segment or a capital expenditure decision. 

We can model the supply and demand for specified business areas to help understand market sizing, capacity decisions, opportunities for product development, etc. 

The output becomes a tool that can be repeatedly updated going forward. 

We develop a bespoke modelling tool that will carefully filter and forecast demand for your product area, specifically. We have skills in numerical analysis, market ratio techniques, econometrics, and the like. 

We can separately estimate product usage by segment. The model will filter by state (and local area if required). We do escalation estimates and forecasts, by segment and location, which helps you when looking at future trends in business costs. 

You’ll get forecasts out 2-5 years, or longer if needed. We’ll provide market estimates in number of units and/or dollar value. You’ll get a comprehensive report in PDF explaining the assumptions and drivers plus detailed data and forecasts in Excel. We can then make a presentation of the findings to management.



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